ELEVATE students are invited to participate in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations. The sessions are generally held in October-November each year in Sydney and eligibility is based on both the age of the student and their standard. 


A Rich History

The Royal Academy of Dance is the most internationally renowned and highly regarded syllabus for Ballet. It is recognised as the leading syllabus for ballet technique and training, providing the best results and opportunity for dancers who study it.


"Founded in 1920 to set standards for dance teaching within the UK, today we have a presence in 83 countries, with 36 offices and about 14,000 members worldwide. We count more than 1,000 students in our teacher training programmes and more than a quarter of a million students are being examined on our syllabi. We support our membership through the knowledge, and expertise of our highly qualified staff and through conferences, workshops, training courses and summer schools. "


Exams begin at the Grade 1 ballet level. Students wishing to be examined at this level or above are required to attend a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week. It is expected that Elevate students attain the necessary standard to achieve satisfactory examination results. For this reason, additional lessons are held in either school holiday periods or during a weekend prior to the examination dates. students will also sit a mock exam before their actual exam, and are expected to have the appropriate examination attire including: RAD leotard, character skirt and shoes.

R.A.D Examination - Minimum age requirements

Grade 1 - 7 years

Grade 2 - 8 years

Grade 3 - 9 years

Grade 4 - 10 years

Grade 5 - 11 years

Intermediate Foundation - 11 years

Intermediate - 12 years