All students are given the opportunity to learn both classical and modern styles of performance in our extensive range of classes which include:


- Toddler specialised classes - 'Petite Programs'
- Pre School specialised classes - 'Pre Kindy'
- Ballet  
- Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) Ballet Exams 
- Contemporary   
- Classical Jazz    
- Commercial Jazz     
- Hip Hop     
- Tap      
- Performance Troupes      
- Musical Theatre    
- Acrobatics
- Private Singing Lessons  
- Overseas Tours (Disneyland)      

- Turntablism / DJing

- Holiday Programs



The following is a guide only. Please contact Elevate staff on 0410 325 348 for further information regarding the classes you wish to join.


Petite Programs: Ages 2-4

Pre Primary Ballet: Ages 4-6

Primary Ballet: Ages 5-7

Junior: Ages 4 - 7

Pre Intermediate: 8 - 10 years old

Intermediate / Teen: 10 - 12 yrs (with experience) + 13 + Beginners

Advanced Senior: High School Age with Experience

Advanced Open / Adult: 18 years + with previous dance experience



No previous skills required. 

Focus: strength, coordination, body alignment.

Outcome: learning shapes and basic skills like forward rolls, cartwheels, bunny hops, bridges and handstands. 



Required skills: Handstand, cartwheel/running cartwheel, round-offs, forward rolls, bridges/backbends. 

Focus: We work on combining tricks together to more advanced sequences. Outcome: Handstand to forward roll, dive rolls, handstand to backbend (forward walkover), backbend to kick over (back walkover), one handed cartwheels and running round offs. 



Required skills: Back and forward walkovers, handstand balance/walks, jumping cartwheels, dive rolls, running round offs. 

Focus: We work on advanced tumbling & partnerwork.

Outcome: Back and front handsprings, running walkovers and aerial tricks (birani, front aerial and backtuck).