Building Success 


At Elevate, we believe that dancing gives you skills for LIFE! More important than the technique, strength and physical benefits of dance training, we strongly believe that through the wonder of dance, you gain valuable life skills that can help you achieve success in ANY area of your life. At dance class you don't just learn how to dance, you learn how to BE. Some of these valuable life skills include - 

- Understanding the importance of a strong work ethic
- Developing confidence
- Cultivating creativity and imagination
- Breaking out of your shell and learning to take risks, which in turn contributes to personal and social development
- Identifying your emotions / motivation. Channelling your energy & behaviour whether positive or negative
- Being part of a team
- The importance of grooming and presentation

Boutique based learning

from the best in the business....

Established in 2008, Elevate Performing Arts is an all-ages Sydney based school that believes in creating a safe and inspirational environment which harbours excellence in the Performing Arts. With instruction from recognised leaders in the field, Elevate offers a space where students can develop their confidence, skill set and ambition, whether participating just for fun or pursuing a professional career in the performing arts. With TWO locations on offer for your convenience, our flag ship studio in Five Dock is a state of the art dance facility, where we offer the highest calibre of dance technique and training over 2 beautiful mirrored studios. In addition to this, we offer our parents a 'viewing room', where you are welcome to sit back and enjoy watching your child learn their passion to dance without distracting the class.
We have created a boutique style dance educational environment, offering two or more teachers for our younger classes with over 10 students, while keeping our classes smaller than most other dance studios. We want our families to know exactly what they are receiving from the education we provide at our studios, so we implement a student progress report system which monitors your child's improvement in dance technique and class engagement through Term 1, 2 & 3. We do not send out a report for Term 4 as our focus over this term is on polishing concert routines and having fun with new teachers + choreography in the final few weeks of the year. The reports provide valuable feedback regarding specific areas of dance training, broken down into the following areas:


No One is Left Behind

- Physicality: Including flexibility, strength, alignment and other technical factors assessed through    specific dance exercises.
- Performance Quality: Expression / connection to audience.
- Musicality & Execution: Controlling speed, direction and body placement / Reflecting dynamic changes in  music & choreography.
- Class Engagement: Responding to questions & class activities / energy levels / attendance.

These reports go directly to you (the parents) via an electronic parent portal (and not handed out in class to students). Our aim in providing this report is because, even though we are constantly providing feedback to our students during class time, you the parents are left out of this process. We hope that this process will include you in your child's progress and also clearly show our students which areas they are excelling in and which areas that need improvement so they can apply themselves.
Reports are provided for all our students who are still at school (not provided for our adult classes).